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Saturday, 16 August 2014

My Makes

I want to take a break from speculating to talk about something I designed and made just recently. Today I opened my Etsy shop with a view to creating memorabilia, replicas and merchandise from my favorite games such as Guild Wars 2. Currently I only have one item listed, but I have ideas for many more in the future, so check back often! I present to you my Guild Wars 2 Races coasters/drink mats!

One of 5 different coasters, this one with the Norn icon in the middle.

As you can see they are very beautiful and eye-catching and they look even better in real life! There are five different icon layouts - one for each races' icon centred on the coaster. These are made using a wooden base with high quality vinyl and laminate. You can get a better description and more pictures in the link below to my listing and my shop on Etsy.

If you would like one of these coasters or know someone who would then please visit my listing here.

You can also view my shop(for future additions) by following the link here.