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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Super Investment Box

Hello everyone. After the disappointing news from Mo these past weeks in regards to no more legendary weapons, the 1st April patch brought back the long overdue Super Adventure Box mini-game. What started as an April fools joke became arguably the most popular temporary content ever released. Now that SAB has been confirmed as a yearly festival, this piece of information is very important for investors, as this means that festival items from SAB will be obtainable every year around the same time. However, that does not mean the investment is not worthly so lets take a look at some potential SAB items we can put our gold into.

Unfortunately when it comes to marketable items, SAB runs a bit thin on the ground in terms of what you can actually sell on the trading post - aside from a few oddball items, the only real focus is skins. SAB weapon skins had some extremely crazy prices pre-SAB patch as you can see by viewing their history. It was not uncommon to see some skins listed for several thousands of gold because a lot of people questioned if SAB was going to ever return at all. However, that is now in the past and we now know that not only is SAB back, but it is back as a yearly event, and that means that supply of items like skins is no longer as limited as it was previously. Also keep in mind that even non-investors will recognise this, and the prices of skins are unlikely to rise as fast as they did previously.

This instalment of SAB has also launched a new line of skins, called Kaiser Snake. These skins are the same as the other ones, simply with an orange paint job. There are two ways of obtaining these skins: first is via a repeatable achievement which rewards you with an account bound skin of your choice. Using this method however it is only possible to obtain two skins in total, as the requirement to complete takes 8 sets of dailies, and the event is only around for 19 days in total. The Kaiser Snake skins are also an extremely rare drop from tribulation mode chests, where these versions are able to be sold on the trading post. They are currently sitting around 450 gold each, so they are no cheap purchase by any means. Meanwhile the standard blue skins, which are also rare drops, are sitting around 80 gold each.

So which should you invest in? The Kaiser Snake skins are going to be very expensive investments indeed, as after 7 days of a total of 19, the prices are still very high at around 450 gold. However, I do believe these skins will make money over the coming year, because of two main reasons. Firstly, as mentioned above it is only possible to reliably obtain two of these skins. Many people will want to collect the whole set to unlock the Kaiser Snake backpiece, whilst others will want 3 or even 4 skins to complete a desired look. The second reason is simply the scarcity of these skins - some have only 3-4 listed right now, and remember these are skins, so when they are used that is supply removed from the market. Be careful when considering investment on the original blue skins, as these can be reliably farmed using baubles(for account bound skins), and they are not very expensive either. I think realistically the potential increase in the price of the blue skins over just a year may not be worth the gold investment, so proceed with caution and research the popularity and scarcity of certain skins.