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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Gem Store Dyes

Last week saw the release of the Metallurgic Dye Kit in the gem store. Upon using one of these kits you will receive 1 of 25 different colour dyes - 6 of which are new, exclusive colours. It is these 6 dyes which see a lot of interest on the trading post for two reasons: a) they are new dyes with often very unique colours and textures and b) they are a hot investment opportunity. Why? Because when the Metallurgic Dye Kit gets removed from the gem store, the supply is cut off and they become limited - or do they? Well, not exactly..

Over the course of the Living Story, people have become wise to dye kits in the gem store. First it was the Flame and Frost kits, then the Toxic kit and now this one. Each kit has introduced 6 new dyes to the market and usually, of the 6 dyes, 1 or 2 of them are very popular and thus highly demanded. Deep Glacial Sky Dye was from the Frost kit back at the start of 2013. Yesterday this dye was listed for 360 gold - yes you read right; that's the highest priced dye in the game. Today however, this dye will cost you 150 gold - that's less than half the previous price, and in only 24 hours! What happened? Evon Gnashblade happened! Because for 2 days only you can buy every dye kit that has ever been released from the gem store, which is introducing new supply to the market, dropping the price.

Are these dyes even worth the investment then? I believe some of them are, yes. The highly demanded dyes strike a very high price on the trading post, even early on when the kit is still available. Take Amenity Dye for example; currently sitting at 68 gold on the trading post, this is 1 of the 6 new dyes included in the Metallurgic Dye Kit which is still available in the gem store right now. This is clearly the most demanded of the new dyes and for that reason I feel it is a good medium term investment. Just remember to try and learn your limits and don't be too greedy - or you might end up having your profits halved too!