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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Trading Post Madness

The latest patch has only been in effect for 2 days and already the ascended recipes I mentioned in a previous post have gone mad! Shadow of Grenth for example has gone from 6 gold on Tuesday to 25 gold on Thursday and now back down to 15 gold as I write this post. I advised to hold off from investing in this market until the 'heat' dies down, but even I didn't expect such a volatile market. If you didn't get in while these were cheaper, I still believe you could invest in one or two at the current price. However I think these two recipes are very high risk with a potentially very big reward.

Meanwhile, Wintersday gifts have also taken off - quite literally! Giant gifts went from around 3 silver when I posted about them on Tuesday to a whopping 5 silver on Thursday! I believe the volatile ascended recipe markets had a big part to play in this huge initial increase, with people scrambling to open gifts in an effort to get lucky. I think there is still money to be made by investing in gifts however, although this time it will likely be a lot more long term.

Scarlet's Twisted Marionette has brought about a few new items. In particular the interesting ones would be the ascended Keeper's and exotic Zealot's recipes - both of which have the new Power, Precision, Healing Power stats. Something worth note about special events and new stat combos would have to be Sentinel's which dropped in only one event and items of its type gained huge value thereafter because of healthy demand and a severe lack of supply. However, with these new items it is very difficult to judge if they will actively drop in future patches, but with that said it may be worth picking a few of these up nearer the end of the event to try your luck.