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Monday, 20 January 2014


Hello everyone, I am Jaood and welcome to my new blog: Guild Wars 2 Speculator! I should start with a little introduction about me; I am an avid Guild Wars 2 player and have been since the head start back in August 2012. Since then I have enjoyed over 1400 hours in the beautifully immersive world we know as Tyria! Guild Wars 2 is a fantastic MMO that has a lot to offer, however, despite this it never gripped me in the same way that the original Guild Wars did all those years ago. There is however one thing that keeps me playing(other than the content releases which I do enjoy - keep it up ArenaNet!) and that is making gold!

And so that leads to this new blog and what it is all about. This blog is about speculation and everything that comes with it! It is about knowledge, theory-crafting and analysis. It is about discussions and new ideas. Putting everything together, we can predict the outcome of certain markets and benefit through gold gain.

Remember, speculation, at its highest level, is the most risky method of making gold. It is a high risk high reward type of strategy. If you are willing to speculate, you are also willing to make losses. But speculation is more about what I mentioned above than it is about taking pot-luck guesses - by being knowledgeable you can take more of an educated guess and that means you are more likely to be successful.

On this blog I intend to post my speculation ideas, things I have noticed, my theory crafting and all of the likes. I'd like to make posts into a floor open to discussion and debate - join in and have your say! Ideally I'd like to make fresh posts daily, but obviously this is more of a topic-centric type of subject, so it may be more like every two or three days.

I'd like to give a shoutout to a blog I enjoy reading that is all about making gold in Guild Wars 2 and using the trading post to your advantage - check out Markco's blog!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the first speculation post coming up soon!