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Monday, 20 January 2014

Post-Wintersday Speculation: Ascended Recipes

There has been a lot of talk around the ascended back piece recipes and whether they are worth the investment or not. Light of Dwayna and Shadow of Grenth recipes both drop rarely from Small, Medium, Large and Giant Wintersday Gifts, and when learned, allow the user to craft the ascended back piece with a unique skin.

Ascended back pieces are not the easiest pieces of equipment to acquire, however they have existed in the game for some time now. It is safe to say that the skins that come with these new back pieces are definitely a driving factor, and also the ability to select a stat combo that suits you. However, the total materials needed to make one of these are very costly.

Both recipes saw a surge in price this past weekend, increasing to around double their previous cost after numerous posts on various blogs and reddit seemed increase the hype of their 'limited' supply. But just how many of these recipes are there? Looking at data provided by GW2TP I can see that, prior the surge in price on Saturday, around 250 Light of Dwayna recipes disappear from the trading post, only to reappear at a significantly higher price. Or do they? It is possible that there are a lot more of these recipes in existence than the trading post leads you to believe.

The activity on the trading post leads me to believe the current prices of the recipes, especially Light of Dwayna, are very inflated. My advice would be to hold off from investing and keep a close eye on the numbers in the coming days - I expect the prices to dip a fair amount while impatient speculators dump their stock. However, I do believe these recipes will be a good medium to long term investment thereafter.