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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Impending Market Destruction

A few days ago ArenaNet revealed the trailer for the next patch, fittingly named 'Escape from Lion's Arch', showcasing a full scale invasion of Scarlet's minions into Lion's Arch and seemingly the destruction of our beloved city. This is an assault on two fronts however, because while Scarlet invades our city and destroys our surrounds, her minions will be sacrificed and their loot will be plentiful! Ok ok, what am I getting at here? Certain markets will be tanking this upcoming patch because of a surge in supply. So what items? Below are my speculations.

First off, investors who followed my advice in a previous post shouldn't panic too much, as, unless my eyes deceive me, I didn't see any Watchwork minions in the recent trailer. However, what I did see was the Aetherblade pirates, the Molten Alliance and lastly the Toxic Alliance. I expect salvage items such as Aetherized Metal, bags like Bag of Booty and other similar items relating to the other alliances to drop in price simply because of the large increase in supply. I can only imagine how many of these items will pop up if the loot tables are the same for the enemies invading Lion's Arch, especially if this invasion will be full open scale and will last two weeks(or more?). You should consider dropping some gold on those items when this event nears its end, as their contents and salvage values are often much higher than their price for a short time because of excess supply.

Meanwhile, what about the Watchwork items? Even the description on the Guild Wars 2 wiki page about the upcoming patch suggests that Watchwork minions will not be involved in the invasion. But what about the Marionette? Scarlet wasn't testing that thing for nothing, and when it is used, presumably in the patch after next, it will likely come with Watchwork minions(amongst other things no doubt). So we will have to keep a close eye on trailers, release pages and especially interviews such as the most recent one with Massively. If you know where to look for information, you can stay one step ahead of the game, and it's markets.