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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Speculation Dilemma

To sell or not to sell is the question in hand. If you already sold your invested Watchwork Sprockets when they peaked at 90 copper 2 weeks ago, you would have made a comfortable profit, more than doubling your money. However, many people, me included, are in it for the long haul on this particular investment. Sprockets have hovered between 60 and 80 copper for about 10 days now, and while they have dropped a little from their peak, it is clear there is still sufficient demand.

The big risk comes with the next patch. If it will add another sprocket sink like the new flashy backpieces, then we may yet be in for some seriously big profits. However, should the patch not add another sink, but instead add another source of sprockets, then the price will tank to new lows. Either way, it is safe to say the vendors that swap sprockets in trade of trophies will still be kept in-game for some time yet, so there is still a source to counter-balance should sprockets spike, so we cannot be too optimistic.

What did you choose to do? Personally, I will keep my sprockets in the hope of more sinks in future patches. If anything, in the VERY long run, sprockets will rise due to the increasing amount of ways to spend sprockets in combination with the removal of certain sprocket sources, like the vendors at the order camps.

Unfortunately, there is not much else to talk about in the way of exciting speculation prospects. As has been the flavour of the past weeks, you can invest in metals for the 'upcoming' 500 Jeweler patch. It is inevitable it will come, but how big of an impact it will have is uncertain. Surely with the numerous ways of obtaining ascended trinkets already being in the game, the metals will not spike as high as, for example, Silk did for the ascended armor patch. But it is difficult to say, because it will open up opportunities to allow players to grab up full sets of the same stat trinkets in a hurry, and we all know how impatient many players are.

As for the upcoming patch, time to ring the farm alarm. It looks extremely similar to the current version, although it is difficult to tell from the limited information. Stay on your tractors! The farming continues.