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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

What a patch!

I have just finished the story portion of the Dragon's Reach: Part 2 and without giving any spoilers, I must say this is quite possibly the best Living Story patch to date. Not only did we get some fantastically narrated story but we also got my favorite weapon from Guild Wars - the Chaos Axe and a full set to go with it! On top of all that, Guild Wars 2 will be two years old in a few short weeks and I can only assume that means more fun and goodies coming our way soon!

Back on topic, if you followed my advice in previous posts here and here then you would have already made yourself some decent profit by investing in Foxfire Clusters and Ley Line Weapon skins. Although I did advise to hold off on the Ley Line skins, some of you may have gone ahead and invested when prices reached as low as 45 gold in the last few days. If you did, you made the right decision because this patch, ArenaNet threw a spanner in the works by instantly cranking up the price of the skins from 1 Black Lion Claim ticket to a ridiculous 5 without warning. This is something that had to be expected of course, but not such a large increase. Due to these changes, Ley Line skins have increased in price 25-35 gold each already, and from hereon out they are only going up. Is it still worth it to invest now? As it has been proven time and time again by the unique skin sets available through the Black Lion vendors, their scarcity and popularity will always cause the prices to go ever upward.

As for Foxfire Clusters, as predicted they are included in new recipes for upgrading the recently added Mysterious Vine back piece. Unfortunately from what I can see only 20 are needed, though I may be wrong. This may explain the relatively small spike in price, from 75-80 silver pre-patch to around 90-95 silver now. However, if you invested before the pre-patch speculation increased the price up from 65 silver, then you are in profit by now! So, if you invested, is it time to sell? Well the increased prices can only mean more supply because of more and more people farming these things, so I am unsure as to how long this boom in price will last. My strategy is to sell half of my supply of Foxfire Clusters now, and hold the rest to see what happens in the coming days. Its entirely possible there is still a large increase on its way with people still finishing the story, people unable to play on patch day etc.

For now, go out and enjoy the new patch - there is some fantastic content waiting to be played! Just make sure you keep an eye on those Elder Wood Logs.. they have almost breached the 20 copper mark!