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Monday, 11 August 2014

Foxfire Cluster holding strong

As the title suggests, Foxfire Clusters remain at around ~60-70 silver on the trading post. Whilst it may come as a bit of a shock that their value has not dropped for over a week, when you actually think about it, it is hardly surprising.

Foxfire Clusters were added to the game almost two weeks ago now and are used exclusively(for now) in the new back piece Mysterious Vine. In total, you need 48 of these things to craft the back piece. Assuming the vast majority of players completing the new content want to craft the new gear, that is a LOT of Foxfire Clusters. What's more, players are incredibly impatient when it comes to new items such as this. Instead of harvesting trees, they buy them directly from the trading post, this increases the demand to counter balance the supply coming from all the new farmers, thus keeping a steady price.

At the same time, it should be noted that there is some speculation going around about whether the back piece will 'grow' as part of the new content, or if you will have to add more to it yourself in order to upgrade it. It is very likely that some of the demand for Foxfire Clusters is part of this speculation, with people investing in them hoping for a fast pay out when the patch hits tomorrow. So are Foxfire Clusters worth the investment? I'd say it is worth it to invest in a small amount - at worst you will make a small loss on trading post fees to resell because it is unlikely for the market to crash, as the demand for them is still present with the back piece. However, if they are in fact used to further improve the Mysterious Vine, then it is possible that Foxfire Clusters explode in price.

While all this is happening, Elder Wood Logs are still dropping in price, down to ~23 copper now. Slowly but surely the hundreds of thousands of buy orders are getting eaten through, who knows how low these will get? As long as Foxfire Clusters remain at such an appealing price whereby they are farmed by the masses, then Elder Wood Logs will continue to drop. Keep an eye on this, especially with the new patch tomorrow to see if there are any new uses for Foxfire Clusters.

What if there are no new uses for Foxfire Clusters? Then prepare for a slow decline in their demand, and thus their price, leading to a drop in the supply of Elder Wood Logs and the beginning of a steady rise in price. In other words, this will be the time to invest in Elder Wood Logs!