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Monday, 21 March 2016

The Future of Guild Wars 2 Speculator

OK so I wanted to make a quick post today after a relatively long absense since the last post. I wanted to be as honest as possible with my readers so first I will explain a few things. It is no secret that I am not currently actively playing Guild Wars 2 and I cannot say that I will be commiting much to it in the near future. I played a lot on the build to and after Heart of Thorns, and for now I am kind of burned out. However, this is not neccesarily a permenant fixture and I am still keeping current with all the news in terms of game updates and lots of market prices, and I keep up to date with reddit. So I would like to explain what I plan to do concerning the future of this blog.

I really enjoy writing posts for this blog, as one of my biggest passions about playing Guild Wars 2 was always the economy side of the game. This combined with the fact that my viewer count has increased largely since I first started, makes me want to continue writing high quality posts. When I first began writing this blog, I was sometimes writing 3-4 paragraph posts daily for several weeks, which takes a lot of time and effort. And whilst I do enjoy writing these posts, I cannot keep up with the speed at which I first began. There is mainly two reason for this; first is that as mentioned above, my current focus is not on Guild Wars 2. The other, maybe more important reason is really the lack of material to actually write about. Whilst there is an endless amount of markets to potentially speculate about, the ones I really want to write about are the ones I have my own experience with. This means, if I only talk about my own speculations and investments, I cannot possibly have enough content to fill a post a day. On that trail of thought, let's talk about the future of my blog.

Moving forward I would like to commit to publishing one high quality post per week. I am not going to stick to a particular structure in my posts, but rather continue with a kind of freestyle approach. This will mean I can produce a decent post each week so that my content for my readers on this blog can stay current. It also means I can gather important topics throughout the week to write about at the week's end. I will try to stick to publishing my posts on the weekend so to maintain a similar timeframe between posts. I'd like to also take this opportunity to thank my readers - without a decent viewership I would have probably stopped writing this blog a while back, so thank you for reading my blog!