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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Stockpile Wintersday Gifts Now

Today's patch marked the end of the Wintersday festivities and the beginning of total madness! If you kept track of Wintersday gifts after the event in 2012, you would know that through 2013 their value steadily increased, especially Large gifts that climbed to over FIVE TIMES their original value when the event was active. Below are 3 good reasons to invest in Wintersday gifts now:

Ascended Recipes

Check out my previous post about speculating ascended recipes. These recipes both drop from ALL four gifts and thus as the recipes rise in price, the gamble of opening gifts will become more and more of an option and their price will rise naturally with the increased demand.


Needless to say, this was the main reason of the steady increasing of value of gifts last year, and this year will be no different. Pristine Snowflake is already hitting almost 17 silver!

Ho-Ho Tron

Is that a joke? No, not at all. Mini Ho-Ho Tron is a hot topic on the trading post; currently sitting at an 80 gold sell listing and a 65 gold buy order. This little winner drops from all four gifts and despite the horribly low drop rate, people will demand gifts for the gamble.

If you didn't already invest in gifts, I'd advise to buy them up now while supply is still fairly high. This is most definitely a long term investment, so expect to turn a good profit 6-8 months down the line.