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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Black Lion Key Farming

Ladies and gentlemen, I have officially gone Black Lion key farming mad!! Over the last few days that is all I have been doing ever since the official announcement of a limited time double drop rate on Black Lion Tickets & scraps. This farm is very hit and miss if I am honest, if you worked out the amount of gold you are 'earning' by doing a quick gold to gem conversion sum(for the cost of keys in the gem store) for roughly 3 keys per hour, you would find it would come to about 45 gold! Wow really, 45 gold an hour farming? Sounds crazy, well it actually is, because you don't actually get that 45 gold.. What you get instead is a very small chance at that, and much more if you hit the big time. Right now the jackpot would be the FIVE THOUSAND gold Permanent Hair Styling Contract, and a close second the Endless Monkey King Tonic sitting at around 1k gold on the tp.

Unfortunately, you would be a dreamer to be hopeful of these rewards; instead the realistic payouts come in the form of Black Lion Weapon tickets and scraps(10 scraps = 1 ticket). One ticket will instantly net you a fast 50 gold in you need it in a hurry, by buying a Ley Line weapon skin and selling it up fast on the tp. However, if you are happy to farm many keys while the drop rate is doubled, you might want to hang on to those tickets. Why you may ask? If you take a look at the Black Lion Weapon Specialist, all other weapon sets cost 5 tickets per weapons with the exception of Fused weapons which cost 7. This seems at first like a bad deal until you do the maths; Aetherized weapon skins for example sell for around 400 gold. That converts into about 80 gold per ticket spent, that's a whole 30 gold more each ticket or 150 gold in total!

If you really want to be smart and do not require the gold at present, you may want to think about investing in a Fused weapon skin. At a cost of 7 tickets, this is a very steep price for what you get, with Fused weapons being roughly equal in value to that of Aetherized, which cost only 5 tickets. However, with this investment you are buying into the long term, because not only are these weapon skins the highest priced and therefore the most difficult to get, they are also the most likely set to be removed next following the removal last month of Sclerite and Winter's weapon skins.

If you are interested farming Black Lion keys but do not know what you are doing, or if you need to brush up on it, you can check out Wooden Potatoes guide on Youtube. Make sure you keep an eye on this blog in the coming days, as I have some more insight into the effect Black Lion key farming is having on certain markets and how you can capitalize on it.