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Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Farming Effect

Whenever something gets farmed by the masses, the byproduct of that farm decreases in value. As I mentioned in a post earlier this week, Elder Wood Logs are steadily dropping in value as a result of Foxfire Cluster farming in Malchor's Leap and other maps. For now, Elder Wood Logs appear to have stabilized around the ~26 copper mark. However, it would not be wise to invest just yet because Foxfire Clusters are still at a high value; around 60 silver each. Keep watching the price and supply of Foxfire Clusters - once the demand for these begins to diminish the value will drop and with it the high supply rate of Elder Wood Logs will also drop, and their price will begin to rise again.

The other big farm at the moment would have to be Black Lion key farming, which I covered in detail in a post a few days ago. As with the price of the byproduct dropping, this farm is no exception. Since the announcement of the doubled Black Lion weapon ticket and scrap drops this farm has increased largely in popularity, and with it the amount of tickets and scraps and thus Black Lion exclusive weapon skins has risen massively. Because these skins are marketable on the trading post, naturally with increased supply their prices are dropping steadily. In particular, Ley Line weapon skins have decreased in price from 65-70 gold a week ago to around 50-55 gold right now. That is a pretty considerable drop in value in just a week and I predict that they will decrease even further in the coming days before the end of the doubled drop rate of tickets and scraps on Tuesday 12th.

The Ley Line weapon skins will be a long term investment, not only because they are higher value items, but also because this is arguably the highest supplied Black Lion weapon skin set to date. It will take a considerable amount of time before the supply on these skins begins to diminish, but when it does, their prices will rise in line with previous Black Lion weapon skins. Also something to take note of is the impending increase in the price of these skins directly from the Black Lion weapon specialist - It is likely that an upcoming patch will increase their price from 1 ticket to 3 or even 5 in preparation of future Black Lion weapon skins. So when to invest? Not yet. This one will require patience; it is likely that many are hoarding skins or tickets so expect more supply to be added to the trading post in the weeks to come.